We’re launching 1000 NFTs based on the concept of Founders. Each NFT will have its own original artwork and attributes, based on sailing into the New World. The ship sails soon. Get on the whitelist before you are left behind!

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A 10 round blockchain battle royale filled with death and destruction at every turn. Only one player will survive to claim the treasure. Will it be you?


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Round Dynamic NFT Adventure


Ultra-Rare NFT
Wins it all

A Dynamic NFT Experience

Visually Changing After Each Round

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Can you out live the rest?

Death and catrina are coming for you

what is aDynamic NFT

The world of static NFTs is plenty saturated at this point. We wanted to go a different route with our idea. NFTs that tell a story as we traverse through each round. With hidden gems waiting to be revealed in future seasons.

Why stare at the same NFT forever when an NFT can evolve and take you on a journey?


NFT Wins The Game

While everyone who plays the game will walkaway with their own collectible with varying rarity. One player will be left standing with an incredible 1 of 1 NFT. The crown jewel of the collection.

Final round

JustAGame is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that develops new and innovative NFT functionality. Our first game, Founders, is an NFT collection that dynamically evolves through this online adventure game of elimination.

Season 1 is JustAGame’s first 10-round Dynamic NFT collection, called Founders.

A limit of 1000 NFT Tickets are available for Season 1.

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When the final NFT Game Ticket is minted.

A Dynamic NFT is an NFT that evolves over each round of the season.

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